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Python & Django web development course

02 Jan 2015

I’ve got a lot of messages requesting a Python and Django course. So here you go!

##Target Audience

Note: If you don’t meet the previous qualifications, you can enroll into my introductory level course using Javascript, it is free ;)

##Contents This course is about web development using Python and Django. Exploring the beauty, and tricks of Python as well as it’s WTFs! Later we will move to Django, exploring it’s concepts.

  1. Introduction to the REPL
  2. Types, values, variables and operators.
  3. Statements vs Expressions
  4. Functions and recursions
  5. Closures and Higher order functions
  6. Exploring built-ins
  7. Container types: Lists, Sets, and Dicts
  8. Advanced Statements (Sequence unpacking, chained assignments, etc)
  9. Loops, “Else” clause in loops!
  10. Object, classes, decorators and magic methods.
  11. Introduction to Django and MVT/MVC pattern
  12. How browsers interact with your code
  13. Routing, Views
  14. Template language
  15. Django built-ins and class based views

##Duration 5 sessions, 8 hours each.

##Timing Course will be held between Tuesday 13 Jan and Sunday 25 Jan. You can vote for the dates and times that suits you in the registration form.

##Location The course will be held in Mansoura, Egypt.

##About instructor If you want to know me better, please check the following links:

##Course Fees This course costs 750 LE, plus the cost of the venue.

Note: I won’t be able to give refunds once I reserve the venue.

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