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Software engineer, writes distributed systems for living.

Distributed Computing using Spark

27 Oct 2015

Apache Spark is an open source cluster computing framework. (see wikipedia)

This is a FREE course, to teach you how to use Spark to write programs that get’s executed across multiple machines. Whether it is a Simple Text Search, or something fancy, like calculating popular Twitter hashtags.

You can use Python, Java, or Scala to solve course’s exercises!

About Instructor

Senior Software Engineer at Cake solutions. Developing reactive, distributed applications and working with large amounts of data and traffic.

Who should attend

Students, as well as professionals, who are interested about distributed computing, big data, machine learning, IOT or high scalability.

Whether you are planning for a kickass graduation project, or looking for a new job. This course can introduce you to the tools you need to write server-side distributed code.

Programming languages

You should be ..

The course will be mostly using Scala code snippets (You’ll be introduced to Scala basics first), however you will be expected to translate the examples to Python or Java.


Note: Course contents may vary depending on audience and time limits.


Course Location

Mansoura, Egypt. (Venue name will be announced later).




If you got accepted in my “Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs” course, but you didn’t show up. Please don’t apply, you got blacklisted!


This course is free.


Please attempt to solve one of the following quizzes.

Please solve it yourself. You will be asked to write similar code in the class!


  1. Q: Who uses Spark?
    A: Check http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/tag/apache-spark

  2. Q: How many companies in Egypt uses Spark?
    A: I know about 4, most of them are using Python.

  3. Q: Would this course improve my chances of getting a job?
    A: Statistically speaking, there is more PHP jobs than spark/big-data jobs! At least in Egypt.
    I won’t say this course is enough. But it is more than a good boost for your skills to continue learning through Coursera, edx and other online eductions websites.

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